Selling Your Business!


Selling a business is probably the biggest financial decision a business owner will ever make. After years of effort to build the company and after hours and hours of work building in the "sweat equity" value, the Sale is the time to use the best professional help to maximize the transfer of equity.

Becoming a client of Equity, Ltd. offers Michigan business owners many advantages to ensure a successful business transfer. Our local presence in Michigan provides the focus, knowledge and professional contacts that all sellers need and appreciate. Our regional network through MBBI and MEA and our national reach through BBN and IBBA provides exposure to thousands of pre-qualified buyers across the country and takes advantage of a highly professional and successful business transfer process developed over twenty years. Our negotiation skills and experience are directed at protecting owner equity to ensure maximum return on the personal and financial investment made in developing a successful business over many difficult years. We are committed to complete confidentiality throughout the process as one of our basic business principles.

These unique advantages translate into specific business transfer benefits that EQUITY, LTD. Company can offer business owners. We utilize a proven set of tools and techniques for packaging and marketing a business that are both effective and affordable. This is due in part to the efficiencies of scale of our state and national networks. We thoroughly understand the business transfer process and have access to the right professional contacts to help ensure a smooth business closing. This often means that less time is required to reach closing and provides for a higher probability of actually selling a business. The thorough and professional way that Equity, Ltd. manages and negotiates the sale also provides a higher probability that an owner will obtain the asking price and extract the deserved equity in a business. 


A Simple Successful Approach ( The Sales Process)


Developing a comprehensive and effective Business Marketing Plan is required to ensure maximum market exposure for a business. This is a critical part of the process and it defines the potential buyer profile and criteria and determines target market segments for the marketing campaign. The following phases are key steps in the process.


Phase I - 

 1.   Business Information Organizer
 2. Confidential Business Review (Executive Summary)
 3. Market Valuation Analysis
 4. Valuation Summary
 5. Confidential Executive Summary
 6. Business Marketing Plan 

Phase II-

 1.  Screen Buyers

 2.  Buyer Visits
 3.  Letters of Intent
 4.  Purchase Agreements

Phase II

  1.  Negotiations

  2. Deal Structure

  3. Closing

  4.  Post Closing