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Equity served as an advisor for the transition of ownership for an Industrial Paint Manufacture in Western Michigan. The owners were of retirement age, and Equity was successful in finding the right team to purchase the company.

A chain of tanning salons sold to a key employee. The prior owners successfully transitioned into the operation of their high end restaurant.

A 1.1 Million Dollar Rural Floor Covering Retail Store, Equity arranged for a young family, with minimum money invested into the transaction to purchase the business and real property.  The prior owners were able to successfully transition into retirement, assisting the new owners grow the company.

A multi-million dollar printing company, where the owners desired to transition into retirement.  Equity successfully arranged for the sale of the company that was a strategic acquisition for the buyer.  As well, Equity successfully assisted in negotiating an employment transition for the prior owners, and employees, that ultimately resulting in a long term successful business relationship for all parties.

Equity successfully represented the sale of a Marathon Gas Station and Convenience Store, in a rural community to a regional oil company.  This was a strategic purchase, to reduce the number of fuel stations in the community, and allow the regional company to move to a superior location.

A combination Sporting Goods, Convenience Store, and Citgo Fuel Station, whereas the owners decided to retire and wanted an all cash sale.  Equity arranged for a strategic cash purchase of this location, with a regional fuel distributor to place a new dealer in the market.   The location was completely remodeled, rebranded, and is now a successful Exxon fuel, Sporting Goods, and Convenience Store.  The new owners were able to bring home a son to manage the location.

Equity represented an Exxon Gas Station and Convenience Store sold to a regional Oil Company.  This transaction allowed for the regional oil company to maintain their fuel supply agreement with Exxon Mobil, and allowed the owner of the Gas Station and C Store to transition into their next phase of life.

Equity represented the sale of a Car Wash and Oil Change facility.  New owners successfully leased the facility to a regional company.

Equity successfully assisted in the transition of ownership of a regional chain of retail stores, to a key employee.  The key employee managed the stores for over 10 years, and has increased business since transition.

Equity successfully assisted in the transition of a successful rural veterinary practice, whereas, the beloved veterinarian passed on.  The key was to find a new veterinarian that would carry on the love and compassion as the prior veterinarian had for their clients and community.

Equity successfully assisted the transition of a child care facility, completing the final real estate sales process for the prior owner.

Equity negotiated the sale of a regional towing company to a key employee, whereas the owner transition into retirement.

Equity negotiated the sale of a Marathon Gas Station and Repair Facility to a key employee whereas the owner transitioned into retirement.

A $2.8 million tool and die and machine shop owner wished to retire but to also leave his son with a job. An Equity Ltd. partner arranged a sale to a large manufacturing company that needed an onsite manager and hired the son for a four year contract as division general manager.

A $ 3 million HVAC service contractor owner wished to retire. The perfect buyer was a $ 12 million local competitor in the same town. An Equity Ltd. Partner negotiated a very quick and confidential deal without disturbing the competitive marketplace.

An $ 8 million manufacturer was growing so quickly that the founders were not comfortable with the investment requirements. An Equity Partner found a publicly traded company with resources and arranged the sale within the necessary deadline to provide the needed capital for the next phase of growth.

A $ 3 million specialty retail storeowner wished to retire. An Equity Ltd partner found a buyer with the perfect background but limited capital, arranged some complicated SBA and mezzanine financing, managed a long complicated negotiation process and successfully created a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer.

A $ 35 million wholesaler wished to expand and grow but was locked in by geographic boundaries. An Equity Ltd. Partner negotiated a deal to acquire a $ 4 million distributor in an adjoining state providing growth opportunity through additional territory for distribution of existing product lines.

The owner of a service inspection business (revenues less than $1 million) who built the business from the ground up, now wished to stay at home and raise a family. An Equity partner found several qualified buyers resulting in a competitive sale in excess of the asking price.

A seller had a small amusement park that was sold by an Equity partner. He was so pleased with the professionalism and results that he then had the Equity Partner sell his other $ 3 million retail business.

A $ 1.5 million wholesale distributor owner in a shrinking industry filled with rollup aggregators needed assistance. An Equity Ltd. Partner first negotiated a deal to purchase a very small distributor and merge the operations. Then a deal was negotiated to sell the distributor itself to a large publicly traded chain of distributors to become the 18th national location.

A $ 600k manufacturing company that was losing money had developed some proprietary products and some strategic customers. However, the owner had no additional capital and was considering closing the doors. An Equity Ltd. Partner found a strategic buyer to acquire the assets, hire the owner, merge the operations to reduce overhead and invest capital.

The two owners of the second largest vocational trade school in Michigan, wished to retire after 20 years and sell the business and the building. An Equity partner found a buyer in the education field but the buyer had only enough capital to purchase the business. A deal was structured to buy the business and lease the building with an option to buy. The deal to buy the building was closed four years later after the buyer had finished paying off the business acquisition note.

A buyer bought an existing franchise service business through an Equity Partner. He was so pleased with the service that seven years later he sought out the same Equity Partner to assist him in the sale of the same business.

A $ 1 million service and distribution business was owned by a family with health problems requiring a move to a different climate. An Equity Partner arranged a rapid sale to a strategic buyer.   

Transactions from $250,000.00 to in excess of $10,000,000.00!

  • Automotive  Dealerships-Major Domestic Automotive Manufacture
  • Medical Supplies Manufacturer
  • Wholesale  Distributor Office Supplies
  • HVAC  Engineering Company 
  • PC  Repair Store 
  • Office  Supplies Store 
  • Consignment  Store 
  • Upscale Italian Restaurant 
  • Computer Training Company 
  • Car  Service Franchise 
  • Floor  Covering Wholesale Distributor 
  • Floor Covering Retail Store
  • Food  Manufacturing 
  • Music  Store
  • Flanagan's Bar- Grand Rapids
  • Telephone  Technology Service Companies (2)
  • Wholesale  Distribution Shoe Supplies
  • Insulation Construction Sub Contractor 
  • Upscale Steak House Restaurant
  • Cosmetology  College
  • Amusement  Park
  • Commercial Painting Company
  • Shoe Store 
  • Catering Company
  • Grocery Stores (2)
  • HVAC Constructions Sub Contractor 
  • Sea  Food Distributor
  • Pool  Sales and Installation
  • Wholesale  Distributor Technology 
  • Hair  Salon
  • Chain  of Tanning Salon’s (4)
  • Residential  Painting Company
  • Party Stores (12)
  • Regional  Master Franchise
  • Upscale  Sea food Restaurant
  • Electrical  Products Distributor 
  • Mailing Company
  • Motel
  • Pharmacies (4)
  • Recreational  Facility
  • Commercial  Cleaning Service 
  • Rubbish Collection Company
  • Pizza  and Subs Restaurants (14)
  • Electra Tech
  • Retail Store - Gardens and Birds
  • Commercial  Printing Company
  • Citgo  Gas Station, sold and rebranded Exxon
  • Marathon  Gas Station (2)
  • Exxon  Gas Station
  • Citgo  Gas Station
  • Woods Okemos Marathon
  • The Decorating Department, Inc.
  • The Rustic Inc.
  • Electric Beach, Inc.
  • Sternberg  Marathon
  • Mr. Chips Food Store/ Marathon to Forward Corporation. 
  • Sporting  Goods Retail Store
  • Mid-Market Printing Company
  • Professional Practice
  • Related  Business Buildings (13)
  • Veterinary  Medical Practice
  • Child Care Facility
  • Firearms Retail Store
  • Landscape Contractor
  • Alternative Energy Company
  • Ally Cat Bar and Grill to Turk Lake Bar.
  • Howard City Commercial Manufacturing Facility.
  • Pizza King Big Rapids, MI.
  • Tow's Country Store- Coral, MI.
  • Howard City Animal Hospital.
  • Clark Lake Marine
  • Progress Printers, Inc. to Mitchell Graphics, Inc.
  • Catch 120 Bar and Grill 
  • Lakeshore Paints and Coatings, Inc.
  • American Grow Rack, Inc. to  DeWise Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Zerka's Party Store & Marathon Station in Langston, MI.
  • Grand Rapids Pizza and Delivery
  • Commercial Real Estate known as State Street Square in Downtown Grand Rapids.
  • Marathon C-Store & Repair Facility.
  • Mr. T's Pizza, Deli, and Marathon Fuel Station in Greenville, MI.  
  • Critter Control - West Michigan to Investor.
  • Chippi Enterprises Inc. (Thumb Region Marathon C-Store Chain) to Corrigan Oil Company, Brighton, MI.
  • Corn Energy Products, LLC. to private investor.
  • Rosebush MI. Marathon Fuel Station to Tri Lakes Petroleum, LLC.
  • Toy Manufacture to Private Investor
  • Gas Station and C-Store to Multiple Station Company.
  • Flanagan's Downtown Grand Rapids, MI. to Private Investor.
  • White's Corners to Private Investor.
  • J&H Oil Company, Inc. purchase of Martin's Kountry Corner's - Mt. Pleasant, MI.
  • Sweet Yo's- Forest Hills- Grand Rapids, MI to Private Investor
  • Commercial Lease to Byrne Electric Company
  • Commercial Property  Sold to Amble Electric -Commercial Contractor
  • Restaurant and Bar to private owner.
  • Lakeview Alley  Cat Bar and Grill to Private Investor (2nd sale)
  • Commercial Real Estate to Investor.
  • Windy City Grille to Private Investor.
  • Residential  Home
  • Saber Tool Company, Inc. Cadillac, MI. to Private Investor

  • And many more...

Flanagan's Bar- Downtown Grand Rapids
Equity sold in 2016 and again in 2019!

Flanagan's Bar- Downtown Grand Rapids

Equity sold in 2016 and again in 2019!